SkyMind: Designed for Zero Product Loss

SkyMind: Designed for Zero Product Loss

Every day, pharma supply chain teams are facing new challenges — shipping permacrisis, increased need for cost savings through companywide TCO analysis, and the imperative for CO2-neutral solutions. How can we handle these challenges? 

Pharma companies need the right tool that helps them make better decisions 

That’s why we are thrilled to announce that our supply chain operating system, formerly known as SECURE, will now be known as SkyMind.  

We’ve developed SkyMind in collaboration with SkyCell’s global key customers. And, in the past year alone, SkyMind secured the safe delivery of over 500 million vaccine doses and oncology medications to more than one million patients worldwide. This achievement was accompanied by a significant reduction in product waste and cutting CO₂ emissions by 50%.

SkyMind: Designed for Zero Product Loss

The evolution of SkyMind

Our IoT-driven supply chain operating system has been fundamental to our growth and success over the past decade. Designed to meet the unique demands of the pharma industry, our system provides real-time, end-to-end visibility of every shipment around the world.  

Working with our early customers, we learned about their challenges in lane qualification, lane risk management, cost comparison, and CO reductions. We were also able to automate the product release process, reducing work hours and product release timelines from days to just hours and getting crucial drugs to consumers faster. 

Initially developed for internal customers and our partners in the pharma industry, over the years, other companies showed interest in implementing our solutions in their own processes. As the platform was able to solve even more complex problems and automate processes, it evolved into an intelligent system—a “mind” empowering customers to make better decisions. 

From this, SkyMind was born.

SkyMind: An advanced software solution for the modern pharma supply chain industry

How can we deal with transportation permacrisis, TCO analysis, and CO emission reduction? Transparency and smart tools for better decisions.  

A single solution that can power an effective, transparent supply chain needs three core elements: 

  • Predictive risk management that uses complex data analytics to ensure efficient lanes while minimizing risks like temperature excursions and route changes. 
  • Proactive intervention capabilities facilitated by software that predicts and alerts to potential issues, allowing timely resolution. 
  • The ability to optimize and scale processes through an interoperable platform that provides relevant information to each stakeholder at a click. 

How do we design this in an increasingly complex world? An intelligent system is required: SkyMind 

SkyMind collects operational data from historical and ongoing shipments in real time into one platform. By pulling high-quality data from a wide variety of sources, it creates simulation data and actionable alerts to prevent excursions and waste. From here, the advanced learning system combines operational and simulation data (S+O data) to optimize your entire supply chain from end to end with increasing accuracy. No need for multiple platforms or integrations — just one dedicated solution with years of proven reliability.  

Through SkyMind, we bring predictability and sustainability to the global supply chain. But what does this mean in practice?  

Supply chain management is a complex industry that generates vast amounts of data in its processes. However, data on its own is just that: data. 

To make the right decisions, actionable insights and simulations are needed, which can help predict any potential issues and take proactive steps to reduce loss and risk. 

SkyMind can help make sense of incoming information across millions of touchpoints — including loggers, APIs, and flight data — and use it to make detailed predictions about the best lanes. It also provides real-time data about ongoing shipments from start to finish so you can take proactive measures like rerouting or sending a replacement shipment.  

SkyMind is another step in our commitment to sustainability. On top of direct cost-saving (CO prevention is 8 to 10 times cheaper than CO₂ removal), by reducing inefficiencies and increasing CO₂ optimization, companies can move to a zero-loss and zero-emissions model.  

Every year, $35 billion is lost in the biopharma industry due to failures in temperature-controlled logistics, according to IVQIA, Institute for Human Data Science. In addition to the financial losses and patient risks, this also has an impact on our planet. With SkyMind’s platform and SkyCell’s containers, pharma companies have served hundreds of millions of patients with zero product loss while benefiting from a 50% CO₂ reduction compared to our competitors.

Now, companies can tackle CO₂ emissions within their own supply chains. How do you do this? 

SkyMind gives a detailed insight into your current CO₂ emissions and allows you to pinpoint and monitor the exact sources within your operations. From there, you can simulate and then implement effective carbon reduction measures. 

SkyMind: Designed for Zero Product Loss

Our customer uses SkyMind to eliminate 250,000 tons of CO₂ emissions 

A customer successfully simulated CO2e savings for various solutions, leading to the elimination of 250,000 tons of CO2e over 2 years. Comparing CO2e, logistics costs, and risk profiles revealed that the most cost-effective approach—8 times cheaper—involved optimizing container choices and selecting specific airlines.  

Notably, reusable containers demonstrated a significantly superior CO2e footprint compared to one-way packaging (calculations based on the most recent MIT CTL calculation methods).  

Need help with sustainability for supply chain?

Understand your supply chain’s past, present, and future. The pharma supply chain of the future lies at the intersection of efficiency and predictability. By combining historical data with real-time data within SkyMind, you can increase efficiency, reduce waste and emissions, and create a predictable, transparent supply chain. 

SkyMind aims to not only optimize the pharma supply chain but also power a global supply chain that improves the planet and people’s lives.  

 Ready to make better decisions with SkyMind?  

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