Introducing SkyMind: More than SECURE

Introducing SkyMind: More than SECURE

Our supply chain operating system, formerly known as SECURE, will now be known as SkyMind and extended to multiple industries.  

It’s no secret — the global supply chain is in a state of permacrisis. How do we handle a world with increasing geopolitical and environmental disruptions while seamlessly connecting products with people? 

We need the right tool to make better decisions 

For over ten years, we have been at the forefront of the pharma supply chain management by assisting pharma companies to achieve zero medicine loss and CO₂ neutrality. Now, we’re expanding our reach beyond the pharma industry, empowering stakeholders across all supply chain industries to make better decisions and reduce costs.  

SkyMind, formerly known as SECURE, is an AI-powered platform that enhances operational control and saves costs by streamlining processes, maximizing utilization, and minimizing unnecessary expenses associated with handling and storing Unit Load Devices (ULDs). 

Introducing SkyMind: More than SECURE

The evolution of SkyMind

Our IoT-driven supply chain operating system has been fundamental to our growth and success over the past decade. Designed to meet the unique demands of the pharma industry, SECURE combined simulation data with operational data (S+O data), enabling companies to have real-time, end-to-end visibility of every shipment around the world. 

Our platform was initially developed for use by internal clients and our partners in the pharma industry. However, over the years, we have been approached many times by companies in other industries interested in implementing our solutions in their own processes. We came to realize that our platform had far greater applications beyond any one industry, with major implications for improved sustainability worldwide.  

From this realization, SkyMind was born. 

SkyMind is an AI-powered learning system that empowers companies to track and maintain the correct stock of goods and assets across their entire supply chain. It reduces the risk of losing products or assets while simultaneously boosting operational efficiency and effectiveness.  

The transition from SECURE to SkyMind reflects our dedication to improving asset management and saving costs across the supply chain landscape with intelligent solutions. Our vision is to make supply chains predictable, cost-efficient, and sustainable to improve people’s lives and the planet. 

Introducing SkyMind: More than SECURE

Next-generation ULD management for the modern supply chain industry

How do we deal with permacrisis and growing complexity in our supply chains? We need end-to-end transparency through smart tools that enable us to make better decisions.  

An intelligent system like our brain is required: SkyMind. 

SkyMind collects operational data from historical and ongoing shipments in real time. By pulling this high-quality data from a wide variety of sources, it can create simulation data and alerts that can help you control operations and take corrective and preventative actions. From here, the advanced learning system can help you optimize and scale your supply chain from end to end, reducing CAPEX.  

No need for multiple platforms or integrations — just one easy-to-implement, dedicated solution with years of proven reliability. That’s why SkyMind has been chosen by one of the leading airlines to monitor and track their ULDs, with tens of thousands in transit around the globe. 

Creating a resilient supply chain

Through SkyMind, we want to bring predictability and sustainability to the global supply chain. But what does this mean in practice? 

Proper decision-making is the first step in improving any process or system. To make the right decision in shipping, you need accurate data and simulations that can help you predict any potential issues and take proactive steps to avoid waste and risk.  

Supply chain management is a complex industry that generates vast amounts of data in its processes. However, data on its own is just that: data.  

SkyMind can help you make sense of incoming information across millions of touchpoints — including loggers, APIs, and flight data — and use it to make detailed predictions about the demand and supply of ULDs geographically. It can also provide you with real-time data about ongoing shipments from start to finish so you can take proactive measures. Over time, the platform will help you improve and reduce inefficiencies at every point. 

The launch of SkyMind is another step in our commitment to sustainability, and innovation. On top of a direct cost-saving effect on day-to-day and long-term operations (CO₂ prevention is 8 to 10 times cheaper than CO₂ removal), by improving CO₂ optimization, companies can move to a zero-waste and zero-emissions model.  

Through our SkyMind platform and SkyCell’s containers, pharma companies have served hundreds of millions of patients with zero product loss while hugely reducing carbon emissions.

Now, you can tackle CO₂ emissions within your own supply chain. How do you do this? 

SkyMind gives you a detailed insight into your current CO₂ emissions and allows you to track and monitor the exact sources within your operations. From there, you can simulate and then implement effective CO₂ reduction measures across your entire supply chain. 

Understanding your past, present, and future : The path to a truly sustainable supply chain lies at the intersection of efficiency and predictability. By combining historical data with real-time data within SkyMind, you can make increasingly accurate predictions about the future. Using our platform, you can increase efficiency, reduce costs and emissions, and create a predictable, transparent supply chain. 

With SkyMind, we aim to power a global supply chain that improves the planet and people’s lives.  

Get in contact with our team to discover the potential of SkyMind and embark on a journey towards a more transparent, efficient, and sustainable supply chain. 

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