SkyMind Decarbonize

Reporting tool

Sign up to our free SkyMind DECARBONIZE reporting tool coming up on 15th of May and move one step closer to net zero. 

    Empower change

    How it works

    The SkyMind DECARBONIZE reporting tool offers a simple and impactful way to measure your logistics emissions and pinpoint areas of potential reduction. Based on the MIT methodology by Lehmann et al. (2023), our free calculator can provide you with precise CO2 reports, uncover your reduction potential, and categorize your emissions according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Scopes.

    From here, SkyMind can suggest where you can optimize across your operations while balancing CO2 with cost and risk.   

    Then, in partnership with our sustainability experts, you can implement a plan to decarbonize your business and reach net zero.