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Embark on your sustainable transport journey with SkyMind DECARBONIZE, the intelligent CO2 emissions calculator and optimization tool right at your fingertips.  

Simplify carbon reporting for your logistics operations and discover optimal solutions for sustainable transportation and warehousing—all directly in your browser with our free tool. 

SkyMind Decarbonize

Reporting tool

Try now our free SkyMind DECARBONIZE reporting tool and move one step closer to net zero.

Three steps to net zero

Here’s how SkyMind can support your business on its journey to net zero: 


Measure your CO2 emissions and recognize your CO2 reduction potential.


Develop a strategy that balances cost, risk and CO2. 


Eliminate CO from your supply chain.

Empower change

How it works

The SkyMind DECARBONIZE reporting tool offers a simple and impactful way to measure your logistics emissions and pinpoint areas of potential reduction. Based on the MIT methodology by Lehmann et al. (2023), our free calculator can provide you with precise CO2 reports, uncover your reduction potential, and categorize your emissions according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Scopes.

From here, SkyMind can suggest where you can optimize across your operations and eliminate CO2 emissions while maximizing cost efficiency and minimizing risk.    

Then, in partnership with our sustainability experts, you can implement a plan to decarbonize your business and reach net zero. 

Our solution

Across all Scopes

The calculator enables you to compute a complete CO2 footprint across all Greenhouse Gas Protocol Scopes.
It simplifies optimization suggestions and quantifies your reduction potential across your fleet, buildings, packaging, and investments.

Our Solution

Across the entire life cycle

The calculator assesses transport emissions across the entire life cycle, encompassing production, preconditioning, and end-of-life for tertiary (pharma) packaging. It provides guidance on structuring your lane for a minimal environmental footprint.

SkyMind DECARBONIZE for logistics’ SME

Simple CO2 reporting for your fleet and operations.

  • Is your client or investor requesting emission reports?
  • Struggling to identify CO2 emission hotspots?
  • Limited time to learn complex calculations?
  • Constrained by a tight budget for expensive software?
  • Desire quick insights into emission optimization?

SkyMind DECARBONIZE can provide you with accurate carbon calculations for SME logistics 

For Pharma and other shippers

Accurate CO2 emissions for multi-modal transport lanes.

  • Are you facing challenges making informed decisions on reducing transport emissions?
  • Do you distrust supplier-provided data?
  • Lack time and budget for complex calculation projects?
  • Seek a comprehensive overview of your transport-emissions?

SkyMind DECARBONIZE can provide you with accurate carbon calculations across all lanes.


What can you use the SkyMind DECARBONIZE reporting tool for? 

Reliable carbon reporting facilitates compliance with regulatory and voluntary frameworks such as the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol), the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Climate Disclosure Project (CDP) and many more.

How much does the SkyMind DECARBONIZE CO2 calculator cost? 

This basic reporting tool is free for all users. If you want to optimize and reduce your CO2 emissions, our team is on hand to discuss how we can support your sustainability journey further. 

Which methodology do you use to calculate emissions? 

The transport emissions are based on a paper by MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics (Lehmann, Winkenbach, Janjevic (2023) Operational and tactical levers to reduce carbon emissions in temperature-sensitive freight transportation for pharmaceuticals). Transport data is powered by the Network for Transportation Measures. Read our full methodology description here.

How precise is your tool? 

The precision depends on your operation and your data input. However, we are convinced that the SkyMind CO2 reporting tool sets a new quality standard to calculate your supply chain emissions. Furthermore, our calculator can measure over 95% of your emissions if you are an SME in the logistics industry.


You have another question? Don’t hesitate to contact us.


Transport data powered by NTM

Behind SkyMind Decarbonize

The team behind SkyMind DECARBONIZE brings a unique skillset, merging firsthand knowledge of logistics and sustainability. Sustainability expertice since 2012 SkyMind enable you to offer this free CO2 calculator to support logistics companies and shippers in reducing transport emissions.

Together, let’s achieve net-zero emissions.

For support in achieving your sustainability goals, reach out to our sustainability experts today.