SkyMind for airline industries

Efficient ULD management:

SkyMind enhances operational control and cost savings by streamlining processes, maximizing utilization, and minimizing unnecessary expenses associated with handling and storing Unit Load Devices.

Always in control

SkyMind gives you the visibility to navigate, make informed decisions and stay in charge.

Streamlined dispositioning

Experience the power of streamlined cost dispositioning, where efficiency meets savings. SkyMind optimizes the process, ensuring swift and cost-effective handling of ULD assets, allowing you to achieve your financial goals with ease.

Protect revenues

The SkyMind set tracking platform operates on a tracking-as-a-service model. This helps protect revenues by optimizing ULD allocation and ensuring the right amount of assets are at the right place, at the right time.

Improve asset utilization and reduce CAPEX

With the SkyMind asset tracking platform, you can improve asset utilization, reduce CAPEX, and increase asset utilization while mitigating operational risks.

Our logger technology

The SkyMind asset tracking platform provides robust indoor and outdoor coverage. It features a long battery lifetime, has easy implementation and minimal infrastructure needs. Even in the most challenging environments, tracking remains uninterrupted and assets are never compromised.

Ease of use

The mobile-enabled solution offers easy implementation and usage, with a significant decrease in gateway infrastructure and a long range of up to 1km. It provides robust coverage, both indoors and outdoors, even in areas with limited reception.

Mobile-enabled solution
The cloud-based platform is designed for mobile use across users and environments.

Full visibility
SkyMind asset tracking provides full visibility in one application.

Automated communication
With automated data read-outs and automated interactions the level of manual input is reduced.

SLA adherence/
GHA performance
SkyMind is designed to easily track SLA adherence, manage partner performance and take corrective actions

Easy implementation
Cloud-base platform with minimal implementation time required.

Multiple form factors
Multiple IoT form factor that fits in all types of ULDs.

Least gateway infrastructure
Long range of gateways significantly decreases the gateway infrastructure needs.

End-to-end encryption
With end-to-end encryption,
the SkyMind asset tracking platform consolidates critical asset data in one safe location.