About SkyMInd

Better decisions

At SkyMind, we believe the path to truly sustainable logistics lies at the intersection of efficiency and predictability. By combining operational and simulation data within our supply chain platform, you can use increasingly accurate predictions to make better decisions, increase efficiency, and create a streamlined, transparent supply chain.  

SkyMind aims to not only optimize the pharma supply chain but also power a global supply chain that improves the planet and people’s lives.   

Our Values

What drives us

Every company is defined by what motivates them, and at SkyMind, we are no different. Our core values drive us to succeed and grow every day.  

With SkyMind, we want to empower our customers to lead and make decisions that shape the future of the supply chain industry. By embracing industry-specific challenges as opportunities, we’ve instilled innovation, resilience, and agility into the heart of our operations. Our goal is to connect people and products seamlessly while building a sustainable supply chain that protects the planet and the people who live on it. 


Our vision is to make supply chains predictable, cost-efficient and sustainable to improve lives and the state of our planet.


Our mission is to empower businesses to make better decisions with real-world data and leading innovations. We deliver advanced visibility, predictive exception management, process automation and CO2 optimization across global supply chains.


We don’t just move fast, we welcome change, make quick decisions, and adapt with precision to ensure seamless operations in an ever-evolving market.


We bounce back stronger and learn from setbacks to build supply chain solutions that stand resilient in the face of uncertainties.


We foster a culture where ideas matter more than titles, pushing boundaries and delivering next-generation technologies that transform supply chain management.


We empower our customers to make environmentally friendly choices and actively create a more sustainable future for our planet.

Our journey

SkyCell was launched to serve pharmaceutical supply chains with temperature-controlled hybrid containers and technological solutions that prevent damage to vital medicine, all while protecting our environment. We quickly discovered that no software on the market could provide the standard and quality of detailed oversight we needed.  

So, we built our own: SECURE. 

Since then, we have served hundreds of millions of pharmaceutical patients’ medicines with zero product waste, massively reducing emissions. The potential SECURE held for the broader supply chain landscape became increasingly clear, and SkyMind was born. 

Our Milestones


SECURE becomes SkyMind

SkyMind is the new SECURE, our comprehensive supply management OS designed to handle the complexities of the modern world.


Expansion of asset tracking to airlines

Recognizing the potential SECURE held to the airline industry, we developed a visibility solution for airlines to track their assets



As part of our commitment to industry-leading standards, we acquired GAMP5, ISO27001, 21 CRF Part 11 certifications


Launch of new age-agnostic visibility platform with S&O

Our innovative AI learning system, SECURE combined simulation data with operational data (S+O data). This enabled pharma companies to have real-time, end-to-end oversight of every shipment around the world.


Access to customers

SkyCell provided direct visibility to our customers to monitor their shipments across the globe


Transition to SaaS

We completed our transition to the cloud, providing enhanced scalability and accessibility to our clients

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Committed to innovation, we continued to add data collection points and adapt our offering to meet the needs of our clients


SECURE was born/launched

SkyCell developed SECURE to plan and track its operations by introducing features like lane risk simulation, tracking and monitoring of shipments and containers

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